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 Spiritual Counselling Testimonials

I recently had a bad episode in my life come back to me. This was unresolved and causing me much distress

I felt like I need to talk to someone unrelated to me on the problem. Malcolm was recommended to me as a spiritual counsellor. He was constructive in his listening to me and gave me such insight into why things are the way they are. He also gave me such common sense ways to look at things and meditations to help. I am doing all of his recommendations and I can honestly say I am feeling so much more in control and at a more peaceful

 place within myself. I cannot thank him enough for his love,

compassion and honesty.

I would recommend him to anyone in need of help.

With thanks AB


 With Malcolm's gentle support and encouragement I was able to face my problems and deal with them effectively.

Creating a sense of peace and well being that I had not known before.

I had seen other counsellors, but had been let down by them, which left me feeling worthless and insignificant.

Malcolm has a unique, non-judgemental approach, which guided me to asking myself the right questions and in so doing I found the answers I needed to progress.

Each session is made at your own pace and closed gently on a high point, with out the pressure in regards to time.

I left each session with a sense of achievement and I am very glad that I had found Malcolm. Without carrying the burdens of the past my life has improved significantly. I have done and will continue to recommend Malcolm to my friends, family and clients, who have and do benefit from his counsel, love and compassion.

Bless you. RJ xx


I recently received counselling with Malcolm on issues that I could not resolve. Malcolm gave me the space to be me with no judgement. Malcolm was very supportive and with his help has allowed me to focus on things in my life. The homework that was set was very powerful and allowed me to address my life. I cannot thanks Malcolm enough for his support in helping me address my past and move forward in my life.

Thank you Malcolm BM

Malcolm's Reading Testimonials

Absolutely lovely Private Reading Has made me think a lot. Never thought Malcolm could bring so many people to me but he did.

Thank you so much CH

Wonderful private reading with Malcolm, lots of lovely relatives coming through, very comforting

Thank you so much SC

Such a comfort to hear from my Dad who has just passed. So many family and friends came through as well. Feel Calm, and comforted

Thanks Malcolm you are amazing LG

The feeling is over whelming when you realise who has come through to you. This really has been amazing, its closed a lot of doors and I know feel a whole load of worries and guilt has gone

Thank you so much CG

Your reading was mind blowing so accurate and honest. I would reccomend Malcolm to anyone. He is such a lovely giving human being


The reading was very accurate, I will recommend you to my family & friends. I got inspiration from your wisdom & understanding


My question was answered straightaway at the very beginning and again at the end. I Know what to do now

Thanks I would like to come back R

Thankyou for reminding me of all the people I had forgot over the years and how much they meant to me. It was a lovely relaxing reading

Thank you G

Thank you so much for a very intense & interesting reading. This was must first one & I really will be coming back


I found my session to be so enlightening and comforting. I certainly needed spiritual help and guidance at this time. I thank you for this morning & I will truly use all I learned to help myself

With love M

I would just like to say thank you so much for your amazi9ng reading. I couldn't believe what you got through for me. I have written down the notes and advice from my time with you and it will help me along my travels in Australia, I will highly recommend  you as well

So thank you so much S

Thank you for a wonderful evening you managed to bring through a number of people, two of which I really wanted contact with so I am very Happy! Felt great to finally feel I know that contact can be made.

Thank you

Thank you for connecting so well with me and my relatives. I felt very comfortable & extremely happy with what you gave me

. Thank you for an enjoyable & accurate reading C


Testimonials of Healing (extracts)

I had extreme pain my back & chest, in addition to which I was far from mobile. In the last few months I have become able to get on with my life (a very busy one) without worrying about getting around. You're so kind and have improved things for me incredibly.


I took my jacket off and sat down on the healing chair, when the healing commenced I felt an enormous amount of heat going from my head to my feet, My aching body, felt relaxed and I felt different and rested in those few minutes. I was also advised to go to my doctor about a certain part of my anatomy and this proved to be correct and the doctor referred me to the hospital. This experience of healing has given be more faith in spiritual healing.


I have just spent three months in hospital after my operation and the staff allowed Lesleigh & Malcolm to administer healing. The patient in the next bed was impressed and asked if they could attend him also. I am now at home and with the help of Lesleigh and Malcolm, I know I will soon be back to visiting friends and swimming once more.



Spirit Art Testimonals


These drawings were a practice run using some new paper that had been purchased.

We were visiting a friend in Wiltshire and whilst waiting for lunch Lesleigh was doing these drawings, no information was given to Lesleigh from spirit, but when Malcolm saw the drawings he said to our host, are you aware of a Jacqueline, 'yes' was the reply. Just before we were about to have lunch there was a phone call.

Whilst eating our lunch friends of our hosts arrived, they were travelling to London. They had travelled from Dorset, via Wiltshire and stopped for a bit of lunch then carry on to London. A lovely couple, who only stayed for 1/2 hour, when they were about to leave Malcolm said are you going to show the lady the pictures, "oh yes" was the reply. What was her name.. Jacqueline!. Yes the drawing were for her, one was her maternal grandmother, the other her mother's sister her aunt and her own mother had returned to spirit a few weeks earlier.

No such things as a coincident. Even on holiday you are still working for spirit. It gave Jacqueline so much comfort.




Church Service SPIRIT DRAWING testimonials


©Lesleigh 2011

The black and white drawing is a few minute sketch that was drawn in a church service.

The information was accepted as was the drawing.

A couple of weeks later Lesleigh returned to the church to find a copy of her drawing and a colour photo of the person drawn, I am sure you agree the likeness is incredible.

The drawing is now framed and the receiver of the drawing now tells his friends and family the story of how it can to be about.

My name is Richard, and the drawing and photograph is that of my lovely wife Berenice Helen.

Berenice or berry as I and close family and friends called her, passed over on the 12/01/04, ten days before her 75th birthday, and some six months later I found my way back into the spiritualist movement, having been involved through my mother when I was young. Immediately I began to receive wonderful messages from her.

You can read his testimonial below:

One evening I attended a service at my church when Lesleigh and Malcolm were demonstrating clairvoyance. Malcolm was giving someone a message and Lesleigh was drawing and I assumed she had made the same link as Malcolm.

However when Lesleigh stood up to talk about her link, I immediately knew from the information she was giving, that it was my wife she had linked with. Among other things, Berry spoke about her childhood Teddy bear whom she had named Peter. Peter at that moment and still does today, occupy the bed in the spare room.

All the children, including our grandchildren played with him when they were babies. Then Lesleigh held up her drawing and I was looking at a replica of a photograph that at that moment was hanging on the wall of my living room. A smaller version of it is on my bedside table.

In order to show Lesleigh just how accurate her drawing was, I photocopied both the photo and the drawing and returned then to her.

The framed drawing also hangs on the living room wall and when friends call who knew Berry, they quite often ask when and where she had sat for the artist. Usually remarking that they hadn't seen it before. You can imagine their surprise when I explain that it was drawn by a spirit artist in a church, nearly 3 years after my wife had passed over.

Richard 29th September 2006

Testimonials from receivers of portraits

Hallo Lesleigh

I had the privilege of meeting you last Friday evening (with my partner "the gentleman in the yellow shirt" as you called him) following the portrait you drew.

Although you directed your contact to my partner Chris, as the evening drew on I felt there was a resemblance with your portrait to my darling godfather, my Uncle Tom. I certainly also recognised some of the notes you read out too.

On returning home I scrutinised with a magnifying glass my only, and very small photo of me as a baby with my Uncle Tom and immediately knew that's who was in your portrait. Then, together with the other notes discussed with family over the weekend, also confirmed this.

I also consider myself privileged to have had contact with my father through Malcolm that evening too and am also just dropping him a line to thank him.

Mind you, my partner Chris and I are strong believers anyway and have met Tony Stockwell and Derek Acorah (Derek gave me a reading a few years ago when he was appearing at Worthing Pavilion) We are looking forward to seeing Tony again in Hailsham in December.

Anyway, today I have taken your wonderful portrait for framing and this will join our "spiritual" wall (every home should have one!)

I know we shall meet again and in the meantime send thanks, love and light to you. Judy x

Testimonial Judy 13th August 2007


Hello Lesleigh

This evening I saw you and Malcolm work in the church in Coxheath Maidstone.

I was the one who was all excited as you have given me evidence that although I did not ask for, I was stunned to receive. I would NEVER have believed this would come through as I had kept my messages from this person in spirit rather private. So, imagine my shock and surprise when you drew his picture.

I just wanted to send you the picture you kindly drew and a picture to compare it with.



This was one of the last pictures taken of John prior to his passing. I have had John through on many occasions but to be honest I thought perhaps I was imagining it, so to get this evidence is just amazing!!!! Thank you so much, for giving me something that I have wanted for some time - real evidence of something "concrete" in what I do to help others, if that makes any sense!

Thank you SOOOO much !!!

Cheryl  x    4th October 2009




This is a portrait of George Arthur Logan Top British time trial cyclist who came through one night at a demonstration in Bognor Regis. His relation was in the congregation and recognised him and was over the moon, subsequently she sent me a copy of a photograph she had.

Dear Lesleigh and Malcolm

Thank you for the reading on Sunday and also for the psychic picture. I was not sure that it was really for me but felt very drawn to it. I took the picture to show my Mother as after the service it was suggested to me that I should show the picture to her. She is 90 and is now very frail, she is in a home for some respite care. As soon as I put it in her hands she said to me that is your Father and a radiant smile came over her face, she has poor eyesight and can be a little confused at times so I said to her your Father no she said "yours" and most of the message she could take as her first dog had been white. I was amazed she was delighted to have the picture. I think I have a younger picture in my mind of my Father so felt drawn but did not recognise it. Spirit works in mysterious ways and my Mother was uplifted especially as life is hard for physically at the moment.
Thank you for all the messages I was given as well as from Malcolm my life has been very hard recently from all directions so felt very blessed to receive this.
Thank you once again
Love and Light Sheila 24 july 2008

To Lesleigh and Malcolm,
a big thank you from residents at Hanover walk retirement scheme for the lovely evening last May , of Clairvoyance demonstration and Spirit art ,it was a very pleasant evening and we are looking forward to your return visit this June .
Thank you for being the channel of so many messages from loved ones, god bless .
Val 27 6 2008

Dear Lesleigh
I just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed the experience of the sitting with
you last Saturday morning and meeting Malcolm.

I had many, varied thoughts about what had been revealed, especially at the start of the session with the lady with very elegant hands. It suddenly came
to me in an instant on Sunday morning that it could have been my late mother-in-law and this was confirmed by my husband over breakfast. We both felt that everything fitted and that it was more than likely his mother. Sadly she had passed on before I met him but I had the feeling that could not be ignored that it was her. When I asked him to confirm if his mother had had elegant hands that were manicured regularly he said yes, and she used to play the piano. We also deduced that about 50% of the information given was actually for him which was a
great comfort to him.

As for me, I was completely overawed (in a beautiful way) by what happened with my father. Thank you so much for facilitating that communication between us.
I believe that as a consequence of it we will both now be able to move on in our respective worlds, benefiting from the fact that the spectre of 'crossness' has been neutralised.

I know that we will meet again but I don't know when.
In the meantime, with much gratitude and with love

Joan 21 1 2008

A few years ago I visited the Lantern of light in Burgess Hill. On my first visit I was fortunate to attend when Lesleigh was doing spirit art and Malcolm was giving out messages. I did not expect to get any communication on my first visit, so I was very surprised when Lesleigh's last drawing appeared, as it bore a strong resemblance to my grandmother (picture now framed). I was also given proof with names and dates that no one there could have known. When Lesleigh gave me my picture at the end of the evening, she sensed that I was quite upset with problems I was having with my elderly other who had dementia and that I was concerned about leaving her in care while I had a much needed holiday.

Lesleigh contacted spirit while she sat with me and said my father and grandmother both said it would be safe to go. During the following two and half years i had many messages fro visiting mediums that gave me strength to cope with the coming loss of my mother.

When my mother passed I asked Lesleigh to conduct the funeral service and she helped and advised me in the order of service and choice of music that mother liked

Spiritual Naming, Christenings Testimonials

Mrs B Davies
On Saturday 29th March I had a naming ceremony for my son Henry. I have attended several of Lesleigh’s clairvoyant evenings and asked her to take Henrys ceremony. Henry was born 12 weeks premature, weighing 2lb 12ozs.The service Lesleigh carried out was very personal and touching and was very special.
Lesleigh was very supportive during the ceremony as I chose to read a poem to Henry. Lesleigh had excellent communication during the planning of the ceremony and listened to all my requests and gave advice where necessary. I would recommend Lesleigh for any event if you are looking for a friendly, professional, meaningful service.
Many of my guests commented on how welcoming Lesleigh was upon arrival at the ceremony and very friendly during the celebration after the service. Lesleigh was not just there to do a job, she makes herself part of your day and it was a pleasure for her to be involved in ours.
Kirsty 29th March 2014

We opted for a naming ceremony for our son Daniel as we wanted something a bit different and more personal for him. We met with Lesleigh and Malcolm to discuss what we wanted and chose Cyprus Hall in Burgess Hill as our venue.
They both made the ceremony unique with lovely words, music and speeches from Lesleigh and our chosen sponsors. It was a beautiful service and we were over the moon with how it all went.
Tara 12th May 2013
I chose to have a naming ceremony to honour my spirit. I celebrated my 60th year and had a naming ceremony to celebrate. The day was so full of love. I chose 6 sponsors who made a beautiful pledge to me and I pledged to them which was very emotional. Thank you Malcolm, for conducting the service and being my medium for the day bringing forward my spirit name.
LB 11th May 2014
All naming/Christening ceremonies are conducted in a very ethical manner and centred around, the vibration of love
Both Lesleigh & Malcolm are available to conduct weddings while the other can assist on the day.
Weddings, Wedding Blessings
We chose Lesleigh to officiate at our wedding as she has such a beautiful, kind and caring natural aura.
She supported us all the way through our preparations, with advice and encouragement with us having our own choice of music and readings. Lesleigh was always there for us if we wanted to talk about anything.
The ceremony itself was delivered with love and a much needed calmness that made the whole day just wonderful and memorable.
Many of our guests have said that it was such a lovely service as it was so very personal to us.
Thank you Lesleigh xx

We asked Lesleigh to do our Wedding Blessing. We wanted something unique, different and spiritual. Lesleigh's words were channelled specifically for us and it made our special day even more meaningful. Lesleigh touched our hearts immensely but she also touched our guests and families deeply with her words.
Lesleigh is a fun and gifted lady and she can read people well. Lesleigh is a fantastic speaker and she brings pure love and light with her words!
Thank you Lesleigh

Funerals, Memorials Testimonials

I would like to express my gratitude to Malcolm in taking my father’s funeral. Both Malcolm and Lesleigh were my rocks at this time. They organised it beautifully, giving guidance and advice with readings, songs. Malcolm’s words on the day were very comforting. They gave me and family a lot of support.
If I can say the day was very beautiful, full of love and a perfect celebration for my father’s life.
I would certainly recommend them to my family and friends. A perfect day.l
LN Oct. 2011

We had the Catholic service first the followed by Malcolm and Lesleigh’s beautiful service as we have two different beliefs in our family that meant a lot to each person, Catholic and Spiritual.
When speaking and planning with the arrangements Malcolm and Lesleigh could suit to every need we had as a family and went beyond and above, to helping us get everything we wanted.
They went through all the little things to the big things and what to expect. They helped us find music and we talked about things we wanted to avoid or keep such as the word god etc.
The room was filled with love and everyone could feel it. On the way out everyone randomly gave them both a hug and said how lovely the service was. It was meaningful and personal and I couldn’t of asked for anything better.
Thank you for everything Lesleigh and Malcolm,
EJ & Peters family x 2013



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